I want to absorb a lot of things at Reazon toward my big goal of starting a business. 起業という大きな目標に向けて、レアゾンで多くのことを吸収したい


Panthi Bipul

Studied Japanese language at Osaka University and mechanical engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology. As a student, I worked part-time as an interpreter, frontend engineer, and data analyst. A senior student at my university introduced me to Reazon, and I was attracted by the at-home atmosphere and decided to join the company. 大阪大学で日本語を学び、東京工業大学にて機械工学を学ぶ。学生時代は、通訳やフロントエンドエンジニア、データ分析のアルバイトを経験。大学の先輩がきっかけでレアゾンを知り、アットホームな雰囲気に魅力を感じ入社を決意。

Can take part in a major project launched from scratch in the first year of employment 入社1年目でゼロから立ち上げる大きなプロジェクトに参画できる

I originally interned as a frontend engineer for "menu" and learned the basics by working on UI modifications and adding small new features. Currently, I am building a new media platform from scratch, and I am very happy to be involved in a large-scale project.

I am also involved in a project that I am working on in collaboration with the engineering members of our group company,”Reazon Malaysia Sdn,Bhd.” I have regular contact with them and we work on the project while making detailed plans, and it is a good experience for me to improve my technical and management skills.


また、グループ会社である『Reazon Malaysia Sdn,Bhd.』のエンジニアメンバーと協働して行っているプロジェクトにも携わっています。定期的に接点を取って綿密に計画を立てながら推進しており、技術とマネジメントスキル向上のための良い経験になっています。

Members get along well with each other and aim to globalize the company together. メンバー同士仲が良く、みんなでグローバル化を目指す

I think the appeal of Reazon is that the company has a big vision of being the best in the world, the relationships among members are very good, and there are many events inside the company, so you can interact with many employees regardless of divisions or positions. Everybody talks to everyone being very positive. 

I have the impression that many Japanese companies have clear hierarchical relationships, but at Reazon, I feel that my seniors, superiors, and executives are very friendly to me, and we are able to communicate smoothly and respect each other's opinions as we move things forward.



I want to gain a lot of knowledge and experience and start my own business in the future. 多くの知識や経験を積み、将来は起業したい

First of all, I would like to improve my skills as a frontend engineer and my management skills. I would like to learn and absorb knowledge from my seniors, gain various experiences, and understand how business works and what an ideal leader looks like.

Also, as a major goal, I would like to become an entrepreneur once I have grown into a full-fledged engineer to some extent. I have not yet decided what kind of business I will do, but I would like to take on some big challenges with the things I will absorb at Reazon.



Always keep in touch with new things 常に新しいことへ触れ続ける

The IT industry is always full of new things, so I spend my personal time interacting with people from different professions and industries, playing games and learning new things. I am also a sociable and curious type of person, so I also go out with friends for fun and listen to and play music as a hobby.



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